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$35 Gets You The Black Electronic Cigarette Original Starter Kit From Blu – Worth $70!

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  • Smoke your smoking habit away!
  • $35
  • Value: $70
  • Save: 50%

Are you a smoker or have a friend or family member who is? Over 1.5 million smokers have already made the switch to electronic cigarettes, and today’s daily deal lets you ditch the smoke, ash, and overall ickiness of tobacco cigarettes in exchange for a smokeless alternative. Pay just $35, and you’ll receive the black electronic cigarette Original Starter Kit from Blu – normally worth $70!

In addition to saving you 50% on these innovative e-cigs, this deal will also save you thousands of dollars in future purchases, because Blu electronic cigarettes are 75% cheaper than tobacco cigarettes! Plus, the 100% USA made flavors allow you to smoke virtually anywhere! Why quit, when you can simply switch to Blu?

Grab this deal and you’ll get the black e-cig Original Starter Kit, which includes a pack of five cartridges in the strength and flavor of your choice, one wall charger, one USB charger, two electronic cigarette batteries, and one pack that holds five cartridges and also charges your batteries on the go!

• Limit 1 per person • As you checkout, you may select your flavor and strength of choice • At checkout, will need to enter your shipping details, credit card info, and proof of age (must be 18 years of age to purchase) • Please wait 24 hours after purchase to redeem • Valid only on the black electronic cigarette Original Starter Kit • Blu will provide you with a 30-day money back guarantee and one year warranty • FREE SHIPPING • You’ll still earn reward points on this deeply discounted purchase • Must be redeemed at • Ditch those icky cigarettes in exchange for a Blu e-cig before this offer expires on 3/21/2012 •

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As the innovator of electronic cigarettes in the U.S., Blu offers a smarter alternative to smoking tobacco-based products. Blu’s high-tech e-cigs look and feel just like traditional cigarettes – but without the smoke, smell, tar, ash, and adverse health effects of tobacco. These electronic cigarettes create a smoke-free water vapor ‘puff’ that evaporates within seconds, so you can enjoy a Blu e-cig anywhere! Available in a variety of flavors – like Java Jolt and Magnificent Menthol – and strengths – from Non-Nicotine to Full Flavored – Blu e-cigs are a healthier and more socially acceptable option for cigarette smokers to turn to.

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