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$10 For 2 Key Finders Plus Complimentary Shipping ($39.99 Value)

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  • $10
  • Value: $39.99
  • Save: 75%

Keys have a rather annoying talent of making themselves invisible just as you are about to leave the house. So next time you’re scrambling underneath sofa cushions make sure you have this key finder on your key ring. For $10, you’ll receive 2 Key Finders, plus complimentary shipping on your order. Valued at $39.99, these key rings feature:

• Measurements: 5.5cm
• Material: ABS Plastic
• Battery life: 60-80 days
• Come in Silver & Black
• Any noise over 1000-1200 Hz causes it to beep and the light to flash!

Simply attach your keys to this stylish key ring and just whistle! The key finder will flash and a loud beep will set off an alert signal to help you find your lost keys.

• Limit 3 per person • May only redeem one voucher per transaction • Can not be combined with other offers • Valid online ONLY • INCLUDES 2 - AG3 Button Batteries • SHIPPING IS INCLUDED; Delivery can take 3-5 weeks • voucher expires 2/7/2013 •

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Ever get that strange feeling that you’re being watched? Like seeing shadows out of the corner your eyes or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up for no reason. When you get that feeling – HIDE…or at least hide your keys, because the Key Troll is coming for them. Those times you let your guard down throughout the day to relax, walk the dog or shower, the Key Troll is scouring your home for the one thing it needs to mess with your head. Keep tabs on your lifeline with Key Finders. The Key Finders are like a GPS tracker for your precious items, so if the Key Troll is feeling particularly feisty one day, fear not, because all you have to do is whistle and your keys are right where you left them. Wherever that is.