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$239/Month 2011 Honda Civic Sedan Lease For 39 Months (Normally $295!)

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  • Honda means stability... and savings!
  • $239
  • Value: $295
  • Save: 19%
The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in America for good reason --- it’s got sleek looks, great gas mileage (25 to 36 miles per gallon), and plenty of legroom despite its efficient, compact design. Now you can add one more perk to list --- a ridiculously low lease price, if you take advantage of today’s daily deal from Regency Leasing! Just $239 per month for a 39-month lease. That’s $56 less per month than the usual lease price, or a total of $2,184 off the total lease price! We think Honda’s popularity just jumped up yet another notch!

Customer IS NOT charged at the time of purchase from - by "buying" this deal you become eligible for this lease offer, at which point you will receive a phone number to call for redemption instructions. Your credit card provided to us will not be charged, it is used to hold the offer provided. Based on credit approval. Must be 18 or older. Lease through American Honda Finance. This $239 per month lease is based on a 39-month term with 12,000 miles per year allowance. First month’s payment, local sales tax, security, acquisition fee and motor vehicle fees for tag and title due at signing. Must have a valid state-issued driver’s license. While supplies last. Shipping cost is applicable based on location.

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Regency Leasing

All cheesiness aside, the word “Honda” oughtta be in the thesaurus as a synonym for “stable,” “durable,” “reliable,” etc. Check this sentence out: “That backyard grill is so ‘Honda’ --- I accidentally knocked it off the porch the other day, but it fired up right afterwards as though nothing had happened!” It works, doesn’t it? Hondas have earned their stellar reputations and their loyal customer base for many decades now. Heck, the company reinvented the car industry by putting engines inside their early model cars that got snappy acceleration and 36 miles per gallon all the way back in 1968. Today, they are constantly evolving their products to make them more ergonomic, economical, and attractive. You can reap the benefits of their long hard work with today’s daily deal for an unheard of low price on a 2011 Honda Civic lease from Regency Leasing!